Maintenance management decision making

Figure 1. A generic knowledge discovery process.

Figure 2. The concept of eMaintenance Cloud.

Figure 3. Fact-based maintenance decision-making.

Establishment of knowledge discovery mechanisms for maintenance decision support can be facilitated through development of eMaintenance solutions through the eMaintenance cloud (Figure 2). An eMaintenance Lab facilitates knowledge discovery in maintenance using eMaintenance solutions. The development of these solutions as support to maintenance decision-making can be facilitated through the provision of a meta-level model, through which a range of concepts, models, techniques and methodologies can either be clarified and/or integrated.

eMaintenance Solutions

Figure-1The rapid growth of information in servicebased economies has inspired a desire for a deeper understanding of information services. New information technologies have resulted in service platforms that offer a wide range of information services including user-generated and freely exchanged content in organized communities. Stateof- the-art research has focused on optimizing information services by modelling them as primarily based on transactions. However, it is a systematically understudied issue how to design information services for effective feedback loops in critical processes such as the process industry or transportation logistics.

The deployment and use of such complex technical systems are common in society and in industry. Many of the complex technical systems also have stringent requirements on safety, dependability and cost, which necessitate frequent updates and modifications in response to new developments in technology and changing functional requirements. Hence, correct situation and context-adaptation and timely information and information support are crucial for management, operation and maintenance to improve both the systems and the services that these systems are expected to provide. This can be facilitated by the utilisation of new and innovative Information & Communication Technology (ICT) manifested in emerging approaches such as eMaintenance. eMaintenance Cloud (eMC) materialise a set of inter-operable, independent and loosely coupled information services with its inherent infra-structure (Figure 2). This provides enterprise-wide, continuous, coordinated service support and service delivery functions for business, operation and maintenance processes.

Recently, eMaintenance targeted information services have received great attention in many industrial domains that range from various manufacturing industries to aviation, mining, transportation, shipping, process control and nuclear power industries. There are many incentives for pushing the eMaintenance agenda, which can be identified from three perspectives that strongly influence each other: business, societal and national.

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What is decision-making on management organization?

ability to make decisions when there r 4- 6 alternatives available.