Data Center Asset Management software

Optimize capacity and lower costsThe award-winning iTRACS CPIM platform supports holistic management of the entire physical ecosystem – IT, Facilities, and Building Management Systems – with a dynamic understanding of the complex interconnectivity that lies at the heart of enterprise infrastructure. It intuitively understands how a move, add, change, removal, or failure of a single device in the ecosystem affects the performance of all other devices and conditions in the environment. The platform allows users to see, understand, manage, and optimize these dynamics continuously in a real-time visualized 3D environment to serve the needs of the Business.

CPIM Browser InterfaceThe bottom line? iTRACS CPIM helps infrastructure executives directly support the goals of the organization and drive a new level of operational and business value from the infrastructure investment, turning the physical layer into a true performance-based resource:

  • Improves your operational efficiency – helps you get more out of your IT assets than previously achievable so they can do more for your business.
  • Delays and/or eliminates the need for capital expenditures – why build a new data center when you don’t have to? Customers around the world are using iTRACS to proactively find and leverage more capacity within their existing footprints. So can you.
  • Reduces your day-to-day operational expenses, helping you contain costs at every turn. iTRACS can drive quantifiable cost savings based on a smarter use of power, cooling, space, staffing, and other resources. Check out the IDC Market Spotlight research paper on Monetizing DCIM.
  • Helps you unleash the true potential of IT to create competitive advantage for your Business – why else are your physical assets there?

iTRACS CPIM provides an open, holistic management platform that lets you manage the entirety of your physical infrastructure, in real or near-real time, giving you total “command and control” over the complex interrelationships at the heart of your physical ecosystem. All assets are visualized, understood, and managed as One.

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