Data Center Management Syllabus

Data center longevity is also

Now available: Data Center Demand Info-graphic - As data centers grow around the world, there will be a dramatically increased demand for highly skilled professionals who can manage the new and expanding technology. (PDF listed under Articles)

Now Available on Demand: The Essentials of Data Center Certifications - The Essentials of Cisco Data Center Certifications reviews the whole portfolio of data center certifications, to help you understand which one might be right for you, and tell you what you need to know to get started.

Now Available On Demand: Cisco Professional-level virtual event. Learn about the benefits of Cisco Professional-level certifications in Data Center, Design, Security, Service Provider, Voice, Wireless, or Routing and Switching.

Cisco announces the availability of CCNA Data Center and CCNP Data Center certifications.

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Usina de Sinop usa ERP da SAP  — Baguete (liberação de imprensa)
A Companhia Energética Sinop S/A (CES), detentora da concessão de exploração de energia gerada pela Usina Hidrelétrica Sinop, atualmente em construção no Mato Grosso, implementou um sistema de gestão da SAP com consultoria da Red&White.


How do companies with large data centers measure and manage energy efficiency? - Quora

To  answer your first question, enterprise data centers like the ones you reference are typically characterized by an infrastructure that maximizes the efficiency of power drawn from the utility – goal being to have a highly efficient power delivery and heat rejection system that maximizes the power delivered to computing equipment while ensuring SLAs, reliability, and 24x7 system availability are maintained. The most common way to measure the effectiveness of a data center’s infrastructure is by utilizing a Green Grid metric known as Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).
However, while PUE …

How many data centers Amazon AWS manages in the Asia Pacific Region? - Quora

I will not be able to tell you the number of DC Amazon has in Asia and I believe this has nothing to do with the exact question. "If you choose to launch in Amazon EC2, then you also need to choose an  availability zone. These represent physically isolated data centers  within regions. You can spread a site  across zones for higher fault  tolerance.  This is accomplished by choosing No preference for the zone, thereby allowing EC2 to pick a zone for each instance (virtual machine) that is launched in your site."