Data Electronics Facility Management


data collector (all available with nylon or leather holster)

Data collectors read-out contactless chipcoded checkpoints. They are developed for easy handling and mobile offline operation in rugged environments. The user gets immediate feedback from the data collector by acoustical and optical signals during the reading process. Data collectors read barcode as well as proximity checkpoints.Duostar They are compatible to former evaluation systems from DATASEC.

guardiX - The data collector of the latest generation for proximity checkpoints

Audible and optical feedback provides immediate indication to the user of a successful reading. The guardiX reads DATASEC checkpoints as well as other RFID checkpoints on the market.

duostar - data collector for proximity and barcode checkpoints

duostar EX - intrinsically safe data collector for proximity and barcode checkpoints

The Duostar data collector reads both barcode and proximity checkpoints in a very handy and user-friendly unit.

guardiX II - robust and flexible

The guardiX II data collector was developed combining our RFID experience with our knowledge of the guarding market.

3D match - A special highlight this year is the 3D game option of FIFA MANAGER 12.

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