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Differentiating Features

OpenCATS has all the main features you would expect in an ATS, including resume management, reporting, and candidate tracking through the entire hiring process.


It’s open source so it’s free, and you are allowed to modify the software to your heart’s content. However, that also means there’s no one entity to turn to for support, and unless you’re tech savvy or can hire someone who is, you may run into issues installing, integrating, and running this software. As the unofficial manual says, “the commercial CATS product is a highly polished, professionally supported, hosted software service. OpenCATS, on the other hand, has somewhat less functionality, is installed on your server(s), and is supported only by you — with some help from the development community.”

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Reporting within Softgarden's ATS.iKrut is a free (but not open source) applicant tracking system that you can access through the web as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. iKrut has no paid versions but makes money by partnering with vendors who offer premium HR and recruiting services through iKrut.

iKrut integrates with 20 free job boards, and it will also build a microsite for your business that automatically populates a list of your current job openings across those sites. Then you can send applicants to the site to allow them to apply online.

Bulk actions, like rejecting multiple candidates at once, allow you to save time, and its integration with all the free job boards also ensures your openings will be seen without too much extra effort on your part. Lack of functionality with client records (like logging calls) means it might not be a great fit for larger staffing agencies.

Post to multiple job boards within JobScore's solution.Useful links

Softgarden is a free applicant tracking solution, as long as you stay under five concurrent job postings and seven users. After that, it’s 299 Euros per month.

Softgarden comes replete with in-depth recruiting analysis/reports, coupled with a slick interface and a robust collaboration environment for rating and assessing candidates.

Good integration and package deals with job boards and an intuitive rating/collaboration system between hiring managers. That said, it is a relatively unknown software outside of Germany, where the company is located and where most of their customers seem to be as well. I couldn’t find any U.S. presence, though the site is in English (and the blog as well).

JobScore is a web based ATS, free for up to three concurrent job postings. After that, it’s $99 a month. You also have the option to purchase credits if you want to view resumes from the JobScore resume database (you can also share ten resumes to the network in order to view one).

All the usual features are here (one-click job posting to the free job boards, reports, manager feedback on resumes) as well as integration of a jobs page into your existing website and the above-mentioned resume database (which is not, however, free, unless you are willing to share some of your resumes to the network in exchange for viewing applicants already listed). Integration with Google Apps is a nice plus, as well.

top 8 free open source ATS The dashboard for OpenCATS. Part of Recruiterbox's dashboard. Applicant tracking in SmartRecruiters

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