Sustainability data Management

Mesa Geo for sustainable forestsThe forest service in the state of Hessen, Germany, known as the, manages close to 1.7 million acres of forested land, and is one of the most influential forest services in Europe. You’ll understand why in a minute.


The forests that Hessen-Forst manages provide firewood and veneer for private citizens in Hessen, and they keep it completely sustainable by only cutting down timber equal to the amount of growth each year. They view their forests as a bank account, where they only withdraw the accrued interest each year, while never touching the initial capital.

Intensive Data Management

Mesa Geo GPSBecause of this, they must manage their forests intensively. This requires tracking a huge amount of data, including which trees were most recently cut down, and which trees are up to be cut down next. To help manage all of this data, they recently purchased the (Mesa with GPS) after a rigorous selection process in which they evaluated a number of rugged handheld options.

Why the Mesa Geo?

The foresters of Hessen-Forst wanted a handheld with a large display with which to view their mapping programs, but didn’t want the bulkiness of a tablet. The Mesa was just the right size for them, providing benefits of both a handheld and a tablet. They also required a handheld with excellent GPS performance under heavy tree canopy, so the Mesa Geo was tested extensively in heavily forested areas before they were completely won over.sustainable forests With its excellent GPS performance in forested areas, its extra-large display size, and its superior ruggedness, it became apparent that the Mesa Geo was the best handheld for them, and they subsequently purchased 580 handhelds.

They decided on the Mesa for several reasons, namely:

  • Large display, which provided excellent visibility, while still remaining compact
  • Windows Mobile® operating system
  • Integrated GPS, excellent GPS performance in tree canopy
  • Rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Juniper Systems’ reputation in forestry and our commitment to customer service
Trevor sustainable forests

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managing or using the environment with out conforming the coming generation