What is Test data Management?

Optimize test data handling, collaboration and reporting

The amount of data that is produced in a testing department is enormous. Converting, visualizing and analyzing test data results are time consuming tasks and often require specific application knowledge. LMS Test.Lab Desktop and Data Management applications are the perfect tools to streamline data acquisition, analysis and reporting. The solution helps you transform test data into concise reports, reduce time spent on converting and avoid losing vital information in the process. You can effortlessly access and distribute test data across different departments.

Desktop and Data Management allows you to easily interpret and compare results, create convincing test reports and presentations, reproduce company standard plots using Microsoft® Office® and gain test insight through application tuned graphics.

As the amount of test data grows, it is crucial to organize and keep track of it. You need a system that makes data annotation consistent and speeds up data search and retrieval. You can extend Desktop and Data Management with LMS Test.Lab Data Management, which supports engineering departments with data acquisition, annotation, storage and sharing.

Standard Desktop

Designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, LMS Test.Lab Desktop – Standard provides tools for efficient, test-based noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineering. As the dedicated starting point for most LMS Test.Lab applications, it provides step-by-step guidance throughout test procedures.

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Advanced Desktop

LMS Test.Lab Desktop – Advanced is the gateway to advanced data postprocessing options with a simple interface and streamlined reporting capabilities and includes all the functionalities of LMS Test.Lab Desktop – Standard.

Windows Automation

LMS Test.Lab Windows Automation Support directs, monitors and integrates LMS Test.Lab with other software or within a test rig environment.


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