Data Guard to protection data Warehouse

havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig03If you have not logged in to the PROD database previously, you will have to do so at this point - the login screen appears.

Connect with SYSDBA privileges. This is required for setting up and monitoring Oracle Data Guard in all databases upto version 11g. In the new Oracle Database 12c, there is now a different privilege known as SYSDG. This privilege allows a user to perform Data Guard operations. This is a much sought-after enhancement that has finally been realized in Oracle Database 12c, and means that the management of Data Guard can be achieved without sysdba privileges.

havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig04The wizard now displays the next page where you can select the type of Standby Database that is to be created.

Figure 2: Select the Standby Type

The main options are a new Physical Standby, or a new Logical Standby.

However, if you have already set up a standby database manually, it is also possible to add it at this stage to the Data Guard configuration. You can do this by choosing Manage an existing standby database with Data Guard broker.

In the case of Oracle Database 12c, when adding a Standby Database, the wizard does not continue unless all the Pluggable databases (PDBs) in the production Container database (CDB) are open. This is seen in the following screenshot.havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig01 The wizard is now CDB and PDB aware, and can create a Standby Database from a Container Database. Note that the standby created is for the entire CDB and all PDBs contained in it.

Figure 3: CDB and PDB aware Wizard in Oracle Database 12c.

When it comes to choosing between a physical standby database and a logical standby database, in most cases, a physical standby database is suitable - it has the better performance as compared to a logical standby. The logical standby also has a number of restrictions as to the data types allowed.

Hence, we select Create a new physical standby database to use a physical standby. Click on Continue. The wizard now starts, displaying the first step as shown below.

havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig06 havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig07 havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig08 havewala-dataguard-oem12c-fig10

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What are benefits of data warehouse?

One of the biggest benefits is that you can archive your data to a data warehouse. This can keep your main "production" database smaller which can provide some performance benefits. Also you can use the data warehouse to run complex queries and data-mining without adverse effects on the performance of your "production" application.