Decision making for Effective management

Often times,being a manager means that you are the one making the unpopular decisions that affect the people that you care about and spend every day around. This is why being a manager is something that not every person is suited for. There are traits and skills that tend to make people better managers. Generally those skills center around how well someone can make decisions,especially when they are under large amounts of pressure or stress. Take a look at these skills that allow managers to be effective decision makers:

1. Put your emotions aside.

As manager,it is likely that you spend time with your employees all day every day. It is probably always in the back of your mind that the decisions you make have to do with all of those people. If you are afraid that the decisions you will make will affect the emotions of the people you work with,then you are looking at problem solving and decision making in the wrong light. When making a decision,think about the effect your decision will have on the job aspect of your employees,but not strictly on whether or not it will make them like you more. Do,however,keep in mind ethical and kind treatment of your workers.

2. Weigh out the pro’s and con’s every time.

Big decisions should never be made in haste. Be sure to take the time to explore all of your options. When your options are determined,you must then think about the outcomes of each and every one of these decision options. Decide which will be better for the long term as well as the short term. Also take a look at what will be best for your employees and what decisions the higher ups would be most happy with.

3. Be willing to accept the consequences.

Generally as the manager,people will look to you and your decisions for stability. Managers are expected to make the best decisions for their employees,for the bottom line,for their own bosses,and for the company’s future. Sometimes,however,these people will feel that the decisions you have made are not in their best interest or the best interest of the company. This may cause your employees to be upset,and sometimes even cause them to confront you with a less than positive tone. If and when this happens,you as the manager need to be willing to accept responsibility while standing by your decision. If you waver with your decision every time you are questioned,people will not respect your authority. You do,however,need to be prepared to listen to the concerns of your employees and try to make them feel better about the decisions you have chosen to make. Explain to them your thought process and try to help them to understand why this was the best option for all involved.


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What is Punch-line or conclusion of Managerial Decision Making?

hi everyone!
let me share with you that i am a student and my teacher (subject - management) has briefed a topic manager decision making process/style and barriers. He also asked for a conclusion/punch line in 3-4 sentences as main idea we got from this topic.
plz can you help me to find out the conclusion.

If you are having trouble understanding the assignment or the teachers expectations then you should set up a meeting with the instructor to discuss the assignment. Your professor will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you were up front about your confusion instead of turning in the assignment or project incorrectly.