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Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Madjid Tavana
ISSN online: 1741-5187
ISSN print: 1462-4621
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The general themes of IJMDM seek to develop our understanding of organisational decision making and the technology used to support the decision process. A particular purpose is to consider management processes in international and cross-cultural contexts and to secure international inputs and comparisons. IJMDM aims to provide a new venue for high quality papers focusing on the analytical and empirical study of management processes in private and public sector organisations - including cases and action research.

Topics covered include

  • Making and implementing strategic decisions
  • The strategy process and entrepreneurship
  • Centralisation and decentralisation in large enterprises and management implications
  • Strategic alliances between business corporations
  • Networks and joint ventures
  • Entrepreneurship and management process in the smaller business
  • Innovative processes in organisations
  • Organisational development, change processes and their measurement
  • The interplay of individual and organisation
  • Communications in organisations
  • Decision support systems
  • Electronic messaging
  • Technological developments in competitive environments
  • Management in private and public sector organisations: comparisons and contrasts

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The objectives of the IJMDM are to develop, promote and coordinate management and organisational decision making. It also aims to help professionals and business educators and policy-makers to contribute, to disseminate information and to learn from each other|s work. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological change and changes in the global economy.


Academics, research workers and students - especially graduate students in doctoral, MBA and similar programmes; executives and managers, policy makers and administrators in private and public sector enterprises and systems; management consultants and specialists in business functions, e.g. in research and development departments or human resource development.


IJMDM publishes original and review papers, case studies, conference reports, management reports, book reviews and commentaries on developments in the literature of management and decision making, notes on research work in progress, and news. Contribution may be by submission or invitation, and suggestions for special issues and publications are welcome.


Editor in Chief

  • Tavana, Madjid, La Salle University, USA

Associate Editors

  • Milton-Smith, John, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
  • Perrone, Giovanni, Universit degli Studi di Palermo, Italy
  • Ulhøi, John Parm, Aarhus University, Denmark

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