Portfolio management decision support system

Do you find that you have more investment opportunities to pursue than you have resources to successfully fund, develop, complete, and manage to the satisfaction of your strategic and operational objectives? Such opportunities might include…

  • Information technology system selection and implementation
  • Intellectual property targets
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Capital asset purchases
  • Product development and R&D initiatives
  • Process improvement initiatives
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Real estate investments

All valuable and feasible projects should be adopted by an organization…in theory; in practice, most organizations cannot do so. Instead, they must balance the available supply of scarce resources against the imminent demand of all their investment opportunities. The solution is to select and manage these opportunities under the guidance of a Portfolio Management System

Incite!'s portfolio management system helps you determine

  • What you really want to achieve
  • What to do and not to do, and
  • In the right order

to maximize your return on investment for important technology, R&D, and new product development initiatives. To fulfill these objectives, Incite! develops and implements a customized portfolio management system for you that provides the following activities and deliverables:

  1. Build and configure our proprietary portfolio management system to conform to your specific commercial environment
  2. Provide the necessary reports to manage your portfolio in that environment
  3. Identify the proper set of projects for portfolio grouping
  4. Populate the portfolio system with an initial set of project data
  5. Host the system on our servers for regular maintenance and upgrades
  6. Provide training to understand and use the system
  7. Conduct quarterly portfolio support and reviews

Portfolio Management System employs the science of decision analysis and a probabilistic approach to modeling that lets you deeply explore the effects of risk and uncertainty in an objective and quantified manner. Other tools use arbitrary and simplistic ranking methods. These inferior approaches do not allow you to account explicitly for uncertainty and risk, leaving you exposed to unwanted and unforeseen outcomes or incapable of finding unrecognized sources of value.

Most importantly, our system is more than software. We form a consultative partnership with you that provides objective insight and facilitation so that you are able to ensure the appropriate understanding of valuation methods and interpretation of results as well as avoid the effects of organizational biases in the selection, retention, and pruning of projects.

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