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Path to the InboxAug 18, 2014

(This post was originally published on MarketingProfs and was co-authored by Noah Jessop, co-founder and CEO of CommandIQ. Noah will be participating in a Dyn webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. Register Now!)

Despite the rise of social media, mobile apps, and other forms of communication, email remains the number one way for many marketers to keep in touch with their customers.

Yet, using email appropriately requires a deft touch.New Business Marketers must have a full grasp of not only which message to send to whom and at what point but also how to get their messages into the recipients’ inbox in the first place. Hence the two critical “Ds” of email marketing: decision and delivery.

Current email strategies require competencies in both areas. Here are the top things you can do today to improve your decisions and delivery, and ultimately lead to improved customer engagement.

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Email MarketingAny owner of a startup knows that launching a new business is no simple task. Going from great idea to full-fledged operation requires capital, a dedicated workforce (however big or small), and a handful of services to get you going and keep you up and running, all while providing a better user experience to keep your customers coming back for more.

If you choose to have an online presence, many, if not most, of the services that you will need are available on the cloud. recently posted an article about what cloud services to use when starting a new business. While we agree with their top recommendations, like buying a domain and setting up a website, services like DNS and email delivery should be a bit closer to the top of list of to-dos.

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I hate to admit it, but when I did email marketing at my last job, understanding best practices wasn’t really on my to-do list. Sure, I followed the basic rules – don’t send to unsubscribes, clean your list of hard bounces, be CAN-SPAM compliant, etc. – but I didn’t really know why.

My sends reported back relatively high delivery rates, but I soon realized that in some major mailbox providers, the messages were going straight to the spam folder. This was when I started really looking into my deliverability problems and was actually what brought me to Dyn.

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