Implementation of ICAO security management system

The safety management SARPs

Building in structure and standardization within a dynamic landscape

Aviation security has evolved into a well-coordinated, forward-looking program, capable of assessing persistent as well as evolving threats. With Sept. 11, 2001, never far from the collective psyche of the transportation community, we can never let our guard down nor succumb to the belief that this is all in the past. The world is not getting smaller, it’s getting more complicated.

Providing a platform to sustain effective security measures is no small feat within the global transportation community where airlines, airports, corporate and high net worth individuals are all faced with mounting financial challenges. Like safety, accepting anything less than a fully effective security system is only inviting failure or that unforeseen event that caught us off guard. Equally important is not putting too much distance between world events and what can occur on our home turf or area of operations. All activities must be tempered with well-thought-out security considerations.

From what was once a loosely coordinated, “one size fits all” effort, we now have the Security Management System (SeMS).

While there are no catch-all solutions, the aviation industry is getting positive results from the formalized Safety Management System (SMS) approach and this is evident in the decreasing frequency and severity of aviation accidents and events. With the impending issuance of the SeMS from ICAO, airlines, airports and forward-looking corporate/business aviation operators will equally benefit from a thorough and consistent approach to meeting regulatory as well as dynamic operational security challenges. This is most effectively accomplished by means of a structured approach to implementing security processes throughout an organization. It is linked, through standardization, to ancillary and complementary service providers.

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