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Distinction between Methodologies


Aside from the commercially available methodologies such as Prince 2 and Rational Unified Process, there are many methodology developed to suit individual organisations. This white paper sets out to provide a better understanding of methodologies, and how they can be developed and implemented.

Project Management Methodology v Application Development Methodology

It is important to differentiate between a project management methodology and an applications development methodology or software development methodology. A project management methodology covers all the things a project manager needs to do regardless of whether the project is a software development, package selection, or relocation of his department. PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge - the PMI bible) covers nine areas of project management. They are:
  • Cost Management
  • Risk Management
  • Scope Management
  • Resource Management
  • Communications Management
  • Quality Management
  • Time Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Integration Management

Free Software Package Selection ProcessYou will notice there is nothing mentioned about requirements or testing or vendor selection. That is part of an Applications Development Methodology or Software Development Methodology.

  • A project management methodology says projects should be broken down into phases and there should be a plan in place before each phase begins. An application development methodology says what the phases are, and what activities should be undertaken in each phase.
  • A project management methodology says define roles and responsibilities. An application development methodology defines what the roles and responsibilities are in the development phase.
  • A project management methodology says a budget should be put in place and managed. An application development methodology says what the account codes for a development in your organisation should be.

The project management methodology is the framework. An applications development methodology is the meat on the bones. The true test of what is a project management methodology, is to ask the question

Free Book. Project Managers guide to Business Analysis."Could you put other meat on the same bones?"

For example, you might have a package selection methodology which could plug into the project management methodology and fit just as well. The difference is that it is a different set of activities, roles, responsibilities, risks, etc.

Why Is It Important To Draw the Distinction

It is important because any organisation should have a consistent project management methodology in place which is common to all types of project. In this way, people can move comfortably from applications development, to infrastructure roll out, to software selection to even relocating to new buildings using the same approach.

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