HP Information Lifecycle Management

ALM release.pngIn our last piece, we explored the integration between PPM Center and HP Agile Manager, and what their relationship means for users who are utilizing both. Today, we will visit the second integration. In version 9.22, we’ll take a closer look at the project view quality integration between HP Project and Portfolio Management and HP Application Lifecycle Management.

HP Application Lifecycle Management is an application delivery system software that provides users with the ability to define, track, measure and report project milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs). When project managers and other users unify HP ALM with HP Project and Portfolio Management, each task in the project can be measured, reported and assigned to the specific applications needing completion. In the previous version of HP PPM 9.21, users were able to map multiple application (ALM) releases to one PPM Center sub-project. In the newest version, we have expanded the mapping capabilities between PPM and ALM. We’ve also provided the option to map multiple sub-projects to one ALM release.PPM ALM integration.png Below is a more comprehensive look at the expanded mapping capabilities and other enhancements to the PPM-ALM view project quality integration:

  • Advanced Mapping Criteria
  • As mentioned above, version 9.22 allows users to map multiple sub-projects in the PPM Center to a single ALM release. It was important to create an option that did not require each project to have its own separate ALM release. This is because several teams might focus on different tracks of the release. Additionally, in 9.22, when project managers map a task to an ALM release, they can customize the mapping criteria filters to provide increased visibility. This enhancement allows project managers to have customized quality KPI metrics.
  • Note: Users can add a criteria filter to either the defective data or requirement data from HP Application Lifecycle Management.

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