Human Resources Management Information System

For management of human resources has always been a critical factor in ensuring the overall success of the company. It is very essential for any organization to align its HR roadmap with its organizational strategies in order to remain competitive. With companies going global, managing people on a global scale has become an uphill task. Organizations need to have ‘intelligent’ systems like to monitor, anticipate and enhance employee performance.

, equipped with business intelligence capabilities, acts as a nerve center for organizations, providing employee related information that can be viewed and evaluated using advanced reporting and analytics tools, covering all aspects of HR right from recruitment to retirement.

Krawler’s BI tool goes through existing candidate databases as well as performance records of employees. It allows tracking of employee characteristics required for each role and maps requirements. Krawler’s Recruitment Manager utilizes these critical inputs to automatically screen applicants in the recruitment process. This speeds up the process and facilitates transparent candidate selection. Krawler’s BPM tools enable organizations to efficiently design a recruitment process to select desirable candidates for a role among a global pool of applicants. This ensures that the recruitment procedure is in sync with the desired characteristic for a particular role.

Our solution also monitors the effectiveness of the recruitment function and incorporates required changes automatically on a continuous basis.

Krawler BI 2.0 allows users to

  • Conduct regular job gap analysis and monitors effectiveness of recruitment function
  • Sort application forms ‘intelligently’
  • Design recruitment process as per job requirements.

Turnover analysis

Most companies find it hard to obtain and retain talented employees. With Krawler’s powerful BI tools, HR professionals understand the talent supply market drivers for a particular skill set. This enables them to position retention-focused initiatives within their organizations in addition to creative recruiting strategies.

helps users identify and analyze trends in turnover. It combines turnover trend data with data gathered from existing HR practices such as exit interviews. Analyzing key turnover statistics including total company turnover, turnover by position, turnover by particular geographic region and turnover within a particular function can help to identify critical drivers. Key demographics can also be analyzed to assess any potential diversity issues within the organization.

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