Database Management Mining

Text Mining in the Cloud – Enterprise Technology for the Mid Market

If you thought that enterprise semantic technology was just for Fortune 2000 companies, think again. The very same semantic technology is now available in the Amazon Cloud for a fraction of the price. It’s called “Ontotext S4″ which stands for “The Self Service Semantic Suite.” S4 provides text mining in the cloud along with other semantic technology – all in a hosted environment. Before we discuss the components, let’s talk about why businesses use semantics.

S4-News-0Over the last 5-10 years, businesses and government entities have focused on storing documents in content stores allowing them to search more effectively. This is helpful since the search retrieves a set of relevant documents based on titles and the metadata that describes the document. But the vast majority of the real intelligence – the people, places, organizations, events AND relationships to one another – are stored in the free flowing text WITHIN the document. It’s these semantic facts that need to be extracted and searched – along with the document – to isolate the most salient facts.S4-News-1 Most people call this “text mining”, “text analysis” or “natural language processing”. It’s so much more. When users do this, they uncover real meaning. They understand how people are connected. They get right to the heart of the matter which, in turn, allows them to make decisions faster. Up until now, this high performance technology was only available using enterprise pricing and deployment models. Organizations needed to buy the software licenses, provision the hardware, install and maintain the applications. With S4, a new and refreshingly easy approach is possible.

S4 has been created for developers and system integrators interested in building applications. S4 provides on-demand and inexpensive building blocks to create these applications. What types of applications can developers build? The list is long but here are some ideas:

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Which SQL database management system is best for data mining purposes?

Any DBMS that provides indexes is suitable for data mining, which is actually the case of most of them.
Your requirements are not sufficient to determine which is the best for your business.
gives a pretty good comparison between 3 of the most common DBMS used today.
The shortest answer would be MySQL for simple non-critical applications and Oracle for more reliable and business applications.