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Planning and Performance Measurement

Planning and Performance Measurement

SEG supports clients in all aspects of planning and organizational performance.

  • Strategic and business planning

    We use a proven methodology to support our clients’ planning processes. We work with our clients to design stakeholder, partner and employee engagement processes and conduct environmental scans. We identify key strategic issues, set objectives and develop plans and actions to achieve our clients’ objectives.

  • Program and operational planning

    Based on the strategic and business plans, SEG works with clients to develop more specific program and operational plans including shorter term deliverables that contribute to the timely achievement of broader objectives.

  • Risk assessment and management

    We assess potential and immediate risks to identify threats and challenges that may delay or prevent our clients’ success. Based on a likelihood/impact analysis, we work with clients to develop plans to manage and reduce risk.

  • Stakeholder and internal engagement

    We help our clients to engage stakeholders, partners and employees in planning processes to promote buy-in to the organization’s strategies and business plans. Organizational success depends on the understanding and involvement of those affected by planned changes.

  • Performance measurement frameworks and metrics

    We develop performance measurement frameworks and measures to assess the achievement of planned deliverables and the actual outcomes of the organization’s work. Performance results can be used to identify the need for corrective action or opportunities for improvement to be incorporated into later business and operational plans.

  • Financial, cost/benefit and costing analysis

    SEG provides expert analysis for clients in financial management and controllership, funding, budgeting, cost/benefit assessments, business case development, asset management, and costing of services. Our expertise enables valid comparison of options and evidence-based decision-making.

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What are the differences among management consulting, strategy consulting and operations consulting? - Quora

A quick overview:
Strategy consulting is something really specific. You would help an organisation identify goals and issues that it faces, create recommendations and timelines that would help it reach it's goals. Kind of like a map on how to navigate through the markets to its final destination.
Management consulting often includes strategy in its umbrella term. It also involves all aspects of how an organisation should function to meet its strategic goals.
Operation consulting is of a lower level optimisation strategy as compared to management consulting, which often sets out ambitiou…