NAVFAC performance Management Program

Top Level Facility Life Cycle Process Map


NAVFAC is implementing BIM for design, construction, sustainment, restoration, modernization (SRM), and recapitalization. It is leveraging BIM technology to establish standard deliverables that include facility data templates, 2D drawings, and 3D parametric models.

BIM is primarily utilized to reduce RFI's through 3D model clash detection of building systems, improved project efficiency through subcontractor trades coordination, and better fabrication control of building subsystems.

BIM is intended to be used as a life cycle tool where the models are maintained and updated during the life of the building. However, examples of true life-cycle BIM do not exist to date whereby 3D parametric models are maintained and updated for life-cycle management. Most Federal agencies mandating BIM are using this technology during design and construction for clash detection, to limit RFI/modifications, and for improved efficiencies between prime contractors and subcontractors. However, no agency (USACE, AF, GSA, VA, etc.) to date is utilizing a 3D parametric model during SRM.


NAVFAC has the unique challenge of being the only Federal Military Component required to design, build, and maintain all Navy facilities.Table showing required assets fields and explanations: AssetNum, Description, Long Description, Master System, System, Sub-System, Building Number, Asset Quantity, Replacement Costs, Contract Number, Task/Delivery Order Number, Warranty Expiration Date, Installation Date, Classification ID, Room Number, Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number Capital Improvements Business Line (CIBL) has taken the proactive approach to research BIM's potential to support the responsible Business Line (BL) for the maintenance of Navy facilities beyond beneficial occupancy. CIBL conducted detailed interviews with each BL — Asset Management (AM), Environmental (EV), and Public Works (PW). CIBL recorded their official authoritative data systems along with a prioritized list of facility data. As interviews were conducted CIBL developed a comprehensive enterprise facility life-cycle data map. Based on interviews and facility life cycle data map, CIBL concluded that the majority of data for sustainment restoration and modernization (SRM) resides with Public Works Business Line (PWBL).

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