Technical Consultants

happy tech consultantsThe tech market is booming, no doubt about it. All you have to do is look at the technical unemployment rate, which is 50% lower than the overall rate, and you’ve got your proof.

While this is great news for tech companies and technical consultants, it can lead to IT staffing nightmares for everyone else. With so many companies offering challenging projects at competitive rates, holding on to your most prized technical consultants can seem hopeless.

What’s a company to do? Woo them. Below we have 4 tips to help you keep your technical consultants happy and your employer-employee relationship strong.

1. Modernize the Technical Equipment

While it may feel financially frivolous to spring for top-tier equipment, do it. Contrary to popular belief, technical consultants aren’t asking to update systems because they want the newest, shiniest gadgets. They ask for these products because both the increased speed and additional tools allow consultants to heighten their productivity.

While paying for this technology may be expensive on the front end, it has the potential to save you money as deadlines are met on, or even ahead, of time. Furthermore, this investment is an incentive for your consultants to stay; they won’t need to leave in order to find a company that allows them to optimize on their productivity.

2. Include Consultants in the Planning Phases

Say you’re the manager for the technical side of your company. How would you like it if a veterinarian came in and told you how to do your job? My guess is, you wouldn’t. Nor would the vet’s recommendations make any sense for your organization.

keep top tech talent happyApply this logic to your technical consultants. If you, as a manager, don’t have a strong technical background, make sure you include your technical consultants in the planning process. You hired them because they know the most about technology, so ask for their opinions. They’ll tell you if “Option A” is better than “Option B.”

Allowing for input keeps consultants from being frustrated by a system that doesn’t make technical sense. Furthermore, this recommendation process connects the individual consultant to the team (as they have a stake in the project) which further builds company loyalty.

3. Don’t Expect Heaps of Overtime

It’s true. Technical consultants love technology; many will spend all day coding, just to go home and do it for a personal project. While this may be the case, don’t monopolize on the fact that your consultants love their job.

In short? Don’t plan on too much overtime.Doing so will only lead to burnout, resentment and a high turnover rate. Respect the fact that your consultants have lives outside of work and they’ll be more likely to stay with you.

4. Increase Your Consultants’ Rates

If you’re a non-technical manager, it is oftentimes difficult to give feedback on the work your consultants are doing. One way to show that you not only realize but appreciate the amount of quality work they’re putting in to your company is to increase your top consultants’ rates.

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What's a Technical Consultant?

Hi! i'm a newly graduating student finding a job in the I.T. Industry. I am quiet confuse on a job title: "Technical Consultant". Does anyone can explain the nature of this job and what's this compared to Technology Consultant? Hope, you have the patient to expound this so i can fully understand its task. thank you!:)

a techincal consultant would be someone who might give you advice on IT or electronic related items. If you were opening a business for example, and had no idea about IT requirements, you might hire a tech consultant to come in and survey your company and give advice on what type of infrastructure you might need for your IT requirements.