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Project SettingsProgram Diver dataloggers and download measurements onto your PC. Export the data to a spreadsheet or modeling program. Diver-Office is a flexible “project-based” measurement software package designed for exchanging Diver data. Diver-Office is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface.

  • Start/Stop/Read/Program Diver dataloggers
  • Calibrate CTD-Divers
  • Barometric compensation
  • Export monitoring data to CSV file format (Excel)
  • Units: Metric & Imperial
  • 7 languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish


Monitoring Point SettingsThe following new features are available in Diver-Office 2014.1:

  • Windows 8 is supported for PCs.
  • Download only data that is not already in Diver-Office
  • Select multiple Diver-DXTs and set Network-Id for all selected
  • Import barometric data from CSV files
  • In Live update: calculate water depth to conveniently compare with a manual measurement
  • Polish Language
  • At startup a check that user has access to project directory
  • Diver-Gate(S) configuration tool
  • Diver-Gate(S) diagnostic tool
  • Four new predefined slug tests

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Changed in Diver-Office 2014.1:

  • Communication with Diver-DXT: speed up 5%
  • Improved Communication with Diver-DXT when Diver is sampling with high frequency
  • Setting the Diver-DXT / Diver disconnection time: moved from config file to within the program, so it can be adjusted without stopping Diver-Office
  • Fixed: A warning message is now shown if data from a Diver containing no data is downloaded.

Reading and programming of Diver settings

You can read all settings from a Diver. Once the settings have been read, you can modify and program the Diver settings.

  • Monitoring Point
  • Sample Method (Fixed, Event Based, predefined pumping test settings, or User Defined)
  • Sample Interval
  • Conductivity Range (if applicable)
  • Calibration of CTD-Divers

Regular CTD-Diver calibration is recommended for accurately measuring conductivity. Retrieve calibration history with a push of a button or calibrate your CTD-Divers using the calibration wizard and standard laboratory calibration solutions.

Barometric_Compensation CTD-Diver Calibration History Real Time Graph User Defined Pump Test

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