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In the cities of Berlin and Potsdam nine water management strategies (scenarios) were evaluated with respect to their ecological effects to the system of surface water. Scenarios were generated by combining different water management measures such as wastewater and storm water treatment. Indicators were qualitatively modelled as well as quantitatively evaluated by experts’ knowledge. For decision support Hasse Diagram Technique (HDT) was used. The scenario modular structure increases the transparency of the evaluation process and brought up the question whether time and work consuming calculation of data by mathematical models is needed or experts’ knowledge is sufficient for evaluation. To clarify this question, the results of two evaluation examples were compared: (a) data based and (b) experts expectations. Beyond the concept of antagonistic indicators the similarity-profile is introduces as a new tool to compare HDT evaluation results. Our study revealed that in the present investigation evaluation by expert knowledge is not satisfactory. The shift in the type of indicators from state to pressure and the effect of up scaling from local to regional may be the reason.

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Springer Supporting Real Time Decision-Making: The Role of Context in Decision Support on the Move (Annals of Information Systems)
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What is decision-making on management organization?

ability to make decisions when there r 4- 6 alternatives available.