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Properly Establishing and Managing Your Project Management Office Benefits Your Project Teams and the Success of Your Organization...

Determining Your Need for a Project Office (PMO)

Not all organizations require the structure and discipline of a PMO, sometimes simply called a Project Office. Determining factors might be any combination of:

  • available budget,
  • number of concurrent projects,
  • high percentage of failed projects,
  • repeated project management issues,
  • number of inexperienced project managers, and
  • need for centralized project monitoring and control.

In addition, there are several organizational factors which, if in place, will accelerate acceptance of the guidance, coaching, monitoring, and project control afforded through a PMO.

  • First, your organization’s sponsorship of the Project Management Office must be at the senior management level of your organization – either the CFO, CIO, or CTO should be your PMO Sponsor. Executive Leadership over the Project Management Office (someone directly involved in the day-to-day governance of PMO activities) might be a VP-Level (“VP, PMO” or “VP of Solutions Delivery” or “VP of Service Delivery” are recognized titles) and reporting to one of the C-Levels mentioned above.
  • Second, your organization recognizes the need for a Project Management Office by providing adequate funding in the operational budget. Similar to an organization’s commitment to Quality by establishing a Quality group reporting to the CEO, establishing and funding a PMO team is evidence of an organization’s commitment to consistent project management discipline and control.
  • Third, your organization’s senior leadership communicates an organization-wide commitment to project management discipline and success by implementing a structured project selection process; providing for project manager training and certification; and establishing criteria for successful project performance.
  • Finally, the implementation of your PMO must be as a resource and support team for your individual project managers and project teams - not as another layer between projects and senior management.

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Project Management Office -What is the Scope of PMO in future?

I have an offer at my organization to move to PMO. Is there scope for PMO in Future?
How my career graph will be after 2 years of working in PMO?

The PMO is a centralized department dedicated to project management, project processes full time dedicated project managers who get assigned projects. Depending on your specific organization, it may or may not be projectized, matrix or functional.
In terms of your question- no one outside your company can answer that question for you. You should ask your manager.

What is project management office (PMO) ?

Sometimes called project office. This is the office or department responsible for establishing, maintaining and enforcing project management processes, procedures, and standards. It provides services, support, and certification for project managers.
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